Five Ways The Right To Take Confidence in Students

In educating and teaching, a teacher must be able to attract the attention of students and take his heart that they feel happy and enthusiasm in learning and linger along with the teacher. Doing this is not easy, there needs to be a strategy guru privat jakarta and a great way to do teacher.

Educate and teach as well as to trade or sell. To lead a business activity is selling skill or skills needed to sell. How great is the quality of a product, if the seller or salesman is not equipped with the skills selling its products will not be sold. By selling skill a salesperson, able to convince consumers to buy their products with pleasure even if it is expensive.

Similarly, a teacher, he also acts as a vendor selling a product in the form of lessons to the students. This product has the quality and the high quality because it contains the goodness that is very useful for the life of the students. If teachers do not have the skills to teach the lesson will be difficult to sell and protégé as consumer demand in the learning process.

Hence, a teacher or guru les privat must have a selling skill as a smart way for him to attract the attention and the hearts of their students. Technically, teachers should be provided with methods and learning strategies that vary so conducted face to face full of color and style. In non-technical, teachers must have performen or appearance captivate and fascinate their students.

There are five ways of telling and powerful strategy in the hearts of the students in learning more known as 5 S.

First, smile. In teaching and communicating with students teachers must be able to decorate and beautify lips smile radiant appearance to face. Teachers who teach with a sweet smile and beautiful face will give tremendous strength in the hearts of students. They really like the teacher likes and dislikes sullen smile. So teachers should endeavor to train himself to be easy smile and pout away much less grumpy in carrying out this noble task.

Second, greetings. Teachers must often deploy greetings to the students. Salam safety phrases teacher is a teacher to the students. By expressing greetings mean teachers have been praying for their students to get salvation from God. In Islam, we are commanded to pray for each other in order to survive the world and the hereafter, a simple way of praying for others by sowing a greeting. Teachers who easily spread the greetings and pray for his protege would establish a bond between himself and the students.

Third, Sapa. Teachers should also like to greet the students. Thus the students feel valued and honored by his teacher. Teachers who like hello and ask how the students will give a major influence on his students that he was noticed by the teacher. Hence, teachers have a lot to say hello and do not expect first greeted by the students.

Fourth, good manners. Teachers should also apply manners as exemplary forms of the real for the students. Teachers are being polite and said manners will preferably protege than vice versa. If the teacher has been effective manners is by itself protege will also apply manners as a teacher to him.

Fifth, patient. Patience is needed teachers in implementing this overwhelming task. Teachers should be patient in educating and guiding students because teachers face is a living being with a range of attitudes and character. Teachers are patient with students it will be easy to step in delivering children’s legs achievement.

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